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“Chris has helped us out many times in repairing our laptop, desk-top and even dealt with Bell in replacing a faulty modem for us. He is very knowledgable, trustworthy and we can rely on him to get our computer running for us. ”
Petra Schalle, Client
“My business is trading Futures and Options across multi-national financial exchanges based in Chicago, New York, London and Frankfurt. Since moving to Wasaga Beach in 2007 i have used Chris Paul for all my computer needs. He has built trading machines for me to the specifications i required, sourced hardware required for upgrades, advised on internet services and line speeds which are so crucial to my trading. He also regularly maintains my pc's and keeps my internet security up to date. I find Chris to be very knowledgeable, he is also aware of the urgency I sometimes require his assistance and will do his upmost to ensure I can continue my business. ”
Christopher Eldred , President
Christopher Eldred Investments Limited
“Chris you've always there when I need you!! You are my only "go-to" person and I recommend you to everyone :)”
Robyn, Client
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